Dining On Your Schedule


At Tapestry, we understand that you are an individual with unique tastes and desires. That’s why Tapestry is committed to the unique concept of All Day Dining. Rather than eat at the same assigned time and place each day, you decide when you would like to come down to one of our unique restaurants.

More Than Just Nourishment


“We feel honored to have Chef Soya representing our kitchen and cooking for our residents. She possesses an incredible mixture of skill, education, and foresight. Our residents and family members have been so pleased with the combinations and distinctiveness of Chef Soya’s menus.”

– Emily Thornton, Director of Sales and Marketing

Meet The Chef


Chef Soya brings over 13 years of top-notch culinary experience to Tapestry Wickliffe. Having worked in such positions as Sous Chef for Chef John Besh in New Orleans, holding the position as Director of Pastry Programming at the International Culinary Arts and Sciences in Chesterland Ohio directed by Cleveland’s own Loretta Paganini, and Executive Chef at the Cellar in New Orleans. Chef Soya understands what it takes to keep a dining program running smoothly and how to provide the supreme customer service expected at Tapestry Wickliffe.

Chef Soya holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree, with an emphasis on culinary arts. Over the last 13 years, she has worked in such culinary destinations such as multiple prestigious high end restaurants in New Orleans and throughout Ohio.

In addition to her education and experience, Chef Soya has been active in the community, providing healthy cooking demonstrations for residents and family members, off site demonstrations for area seniors and helping to generate exceptional dietary plans for current residents.

“I’m looking forward to this chapter in my culinary journey,” adds Chef Julia Soya. “I’m happy to have the opportunity to cook for our area seniors. I’m thrilled about the opportunity to meet our new residents as they come to stay with us and help make their dining experience truly enjoyable.”

Tapestry Wickliffe, which has an ever changing seasonal menu, offers house prepared dining options which include such specialties as pizzas, pastas, meat, poultry, and seafood, as well as vegetarian and vegan options.