If you’re considering whether independent living might be right for you, it can help to compare the pros and cons of this new lifestyle vs remaining at home.

A great place to start is to consider how each matches up when looking at the main benefits needed to age well.

Living at home vs independent living comparisons

Compare the categories with the following 6 features to help you make your best decision:

  1. Benefit to aging well: A private home that allows for easier aging-in-place

Remaining in your existing home

Most people want to live in a private residence and you already have that taken care of. But you will want to consider life down the road and whether you’ll be able to age-in-place.

Do you have steps and stairs to climb? Consider whether renovations or a remodel would be needed.

Moving to an independent living community

It’s hard to beat what an independent living community offers since you’ll have your own private residence that’s designed for you to age-in-place. Most people will need to downsize but may look forward to eliminating the clutter.

You’ll enjoy zero-step living, elevators, wide doors and hallways, and large bathrooms.

  1. Benefit to aging well: Opportunities to meet and make new friends

Remaining in your existing home

An important element to healthy aging is the ability to maintain your social connections. Unfortunately, this can also be the time in life when we may lose a family member or friends move away.

Consider what opportunities you have to meet new people and form these social relationships, now and in the future.

Moving to an independent living community

Another benefit of independent living is that you’re practically guaranteed to make new friends. There are so many social events, activities and other possibilities for you to cross paths with your neighbors.

With many similar experiences, before long you’ll find yourself becoming fast friends with the other residents. And independent living residents tend to look out for each other.

  1. Benefit to aging well: Ability to remain active

Remaining in your existing home

Another important factor to aging well is staying active. Are your days filled with activities you enjoy?

Do you volunteer, meet friends for lunch, join with others for a spirited conversation about the book club’s latest selection? Do you have easy access to social events and do you see any barriers to that in the future?

Moving to an independent living community 

The key to aging well is to keep moving but you don’t have to be involved in vigorous activities. Your favorite pastime may be reading a great book. The difference is when you feel you have nothing to do.

In independent living, there’s no shortage. You may find yourself resurrecting an old hobby or trying out a new one. You’ll also have a monthly calendar of activities to choose from.

  1. Benefit to aging well: Ease in maintaining your physical and emotional health

Remaining in your existing home

Aging healthy requires staying in shape both physically and emotionally. What is your exercise routine now?

Do you have easy access to a fitness center or other forms of recreation? Are you actively able to exercise your mind as well? Beyond learning new skills, remember that social interaction can also have a great impact. How does this category look down the road?

Moving to an independent living community 

Once again, the advantage goes to independent living. Keeping yourself physically and emotionally fit couldn’t be easier.

You’ll find fitness centers, classes, art studios, organized games and sporting activities. The social connections are plentiful and never far away. Like all of the independent living benefits, all you need to do is walk out your front door.

  1. Benefit to aging well: Eating a healthy diet

Remaining in your existing home

Ask yourself if you’re maintaining a healthy diet, at least for most of your meals. Many people find it more of a challenge to cook for only one or two. As we get older, we can also become tired of planning, shopping and preparing meals.

It may become more tempting to grab a snack, microwave a prepared dish or skip the meal altogether. Although your calorie needs may naturally decline, the requirement for healthy nutrients doesn’t.

Moving to an independent living community 

When you’re in the mood to cook, the full-sized kitchen will be waiting for you in your residence. But what about the days when you’d rather not?

A healthy convenience is waiting for you with the community’s on-site dining options. You’ll find a great selection of nutritious and delicious choices. And when you’re finished eating, someone else handles the clean up as well.

  1. Benefit to aging well: Alternative forms of transportation

Remaining in your existing home

One influential factor of aging is the ability to get where we need or would like to go. If the day comes when you no longer want to drive or have to ask others for a ride, are there easy methods of transportation that you can use? If not, you may find yourself feeling stuck at home.

Moving to an independent living community 

As you grow older, you might not mind letting someone else do the driving, fighting traffic and searching for parking. Most independent living communities offer scheduled transportation so you can easily go shopping, to medical appointments or entertainment events.

Life at Tapestry Senior Living communities

Comparing your lifestyle if you remain in your current home vs moving into an independent living community can be an eye-opening exercise.

The benefits and advantages that senior living can provide include social interaction, a healthy diet, convenience of a maintenance-free lifestyle and easy access to amenities and activities.

At Tapestry Senior Living communities, we believe you’ll discover everything you need to live your best life. And our person-centered approach with all of our residents allows us to play an important role in supporting you to fully embrace and engage your desired lifestyle.

If you would like more information about a possible move to independent living, we invite you to download our free guide and resource on how to decide between home and senior living, Should You Stay or Should You Go?

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a personal tour, please contact one of our advisors at a community near you.