It’s no secret that growing older can actually be one of the best times in life. Although there are also challenges, it’s important that we don’t let them overshadow all of the possibilities.

And there are many.

Which may be why older adults often say they’ve never been happier. It makes sense if you step back and think about it. Gone are the pressures of careers, the responsibilities of raising a family and the uncertainty of everything in between.

A few of the advantages of age may include:

  • Retirement
  • Grandchildren
  • Time to finally call your own
  • Wisdom from a lifetime of experiences
  • Improved emotional health
  • Increased skills for problem solving
  • Clearer perspective of what’s really important

Features of life that become more significant

As we grow older, our priorities may also shift. People often use this as a time to reflect on what they want out of life and to determine the steps they need to take to get there. Identifying obstacles in the way and strategies to overcome them are also required.

Having a meaningful life is a priority. Questions asked often include:

  • Do you miss seeing your friends like you once did?
  • Are you beginning to feel lonely or even isolated?
  • Do you feel frustrated that you have time to socialize but not the ability to get to events?
  • Are you beginning to worry or become more fearful about living alone?
  • Do you wish you could enjoy life more and just have some fun?

And then there is the practical side. For example, imagine no longer being responsible for home maintenance. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone else do the planning, shopping and cooking? How about a little help with the laundry and housekeeping?

These are the questions that many older adults find themselves asking. But did you know that there is one answer that can easily make all of this happen? Assisted living could be the perfect solution.

Assisted living and quality of life

If your family is considering how to help your parents improve their lives, you may be surprised to discover that assisted living communities were designed with them in mind.

Consider these benefits:

  1. Independence and a private residence

Most people want a private home to retreat to and that’s what assisted living offers. Your parents can personalize the residence to make it theirs, including bringing their own furniture. 

They’ll live an independent life and how they spend their days are completely up to them. Communities provide the opportunities but it’s always the resident’s choice to join in.

  1. Access to a healthy diet

The benefits of a nutritious meal not only can help keep your parents physically fit but can also boost their immune system and lower their risk of future illness. 

The advantages of a healthy diet also extends to cognitive health. Eating right can improve memory, delay any symptoms of dementia or even lower risks for Alzheimer’s.

  1. A little help when needed

Could your parent use a little help bathing, getting dressed or getting ready for bed? You can count on it with assisted living. 

Many older adults have become worried about living alone, especially what would happen if they fell or became ill. It’s so much easier for them to live an independent lifestyle while knowing they’re never truly alone if help is needed.

  1. Planned activities and social events

Did your parent used to love joining with friends to play cards, board or sporting games? Would they enjoy a painting class or participating in a book club? 

Research has discovered that staying active is key to staying healthy and aging well. If your parents have the enthusiasm but not the transportation to get to events, they’ll be pleased to discover all these opportunities are waiting right outside their door.

  1. Meeting and making new friends

Social interaction greatly influences our physical and emotional health. But as we grow older the opportunities to get together with others may become a challenge. 

One of the best advantages of an assisted living community are all the opportunities available to meet new people. In fact, making friends with those with similar life experiences is almost guaranteed.

Life at Tapestry Assisted Living communities

If your parents could use a helping hand in daily life but not at the expense of their independence, you may want to check out all that assisted living has to offer.

In fact, assisted living and quality of life go hand-n-hand. Explore with your loved one how to have the life they always imagined but with the added comfort and security of knowing that help is always there.

Your parents will discover a variety of opportunities with the choice to spend the days exactly as they wish. Whether their personality is to take advantage of every activity offered or to spend their days being creative or enjoying a great book is up to them.

Whatever the choices, a Tapestry assisted living community will provide the opportunities to live an active and engaged life. If you think assisted living might be the right answer for your loved one, we hope you’ll consider all of the benefits of our communities.

Eating healthy and staying in shape is easy with our chef-inspired meals and fitness center. They’ll have many choices of activities to challenge their minds – or just to have fun. And the best part? All the new friends they’ll meet. With our amenities and social events, they’ll quickly begin building meaningful relationships.

We understand that choosing the right community is an important decision and are here to answer any questions that you may have.

If you would like more information about a possible move to senior living, we invite you to download our free guide and resource on how to decide between home and senior living, Should You Stay or Should You Go?

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a personal tour, please contact one of our advisors at a community near you.