Many people over the age of 60 have started considering everything they’ll need to age well. But if you are one of the 27% of Americans in this age group who live alone, you may also be planning on what steps you may need to take as a single person.

Without a spouse or partner to possibly provide caregiving services, you might want to look further at the available options if the time comes when you need daily assistance.

Single and growing older

There are many reasons for being single. You may have been married but are now divorced. Or you might have lost your spouse. You may have never married or chose to be a parent. You may have children but not want to bother them. As we grow older, even couples may find themselves now single.

Whether that’s an advantage or disadvantage is up to the individual. We do know that living alone doesn’t necessarily make you lonely or without a support system in your life. In fact, you may be surrounded by others as the favorite aunt or uncle. Many single people have also formed strong bonds and relationships with close friends.

The practical side to aging well solo

But when it comes to aging, you’ll want to look ahead and make sure you have a plan should the day ever come when you do need additional assistance.

Consider these suggestions to help you prepare:

  1. Identify your support system.
  2. Put your legal affairs in order.
  3. Plan ahead for any long-term care that may be needed.
  4. Ensure all your finances are in order.
  5. Consider if your home is supportive of aging-in-place or does it need renovations?
  6. What medical and service resources are available in your area?
  7. What type of lifestyle do you want to live and where would that best be supported?

Assisted living when you’re single

Factoring in possible options if ever needed can allow single people to continue living life to the fullest in their current home and not worry so much about the future.

It can be a huge relief for many people to know that help is available. An assisted living community could be the perfect answer to your future care needs.

Consider these benefits of assisted living:

  1. Private residence

You’ll still have your own residence and the privacy of home, as you do now. You can bring your furniture and other accessories from your existing home to personalize and make it your own. Everyone needs a welcome retreat and you’ll have that at an assisted living community.  

  1. Independent lifestyle

You’ll still be making all your own decisions regarding how to spend your days and what activities you might want to join. A vibrant community life has many benefits to support your good physical and cognitive health but having choices is a priority.

  1. Assistance when needed

If you begin to struggle with the tasks of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, grooming or preparing meals, help is available. One of the great advantages of assisted living is that it allows you to continue to live an independent life but have a helping hand when needed.

  1. Healthy and delicious dining

If you become tired of shopping, cooking and cleaning up meals, you’ll appreciate the dining options at assisted living. Not only will you be able to eat a nutritious meal, it will also be delicious. And you can leave the clean-up to others.

  1. Fitness centers and exercise classes

You know that staying physically fit is important to maintaining good health but getting to a gym is not always convenient. If you move to a community, all you’ll need to do is walk out your front door. Joining others can also motivate you because it’s more fun.

  1. Engaging monthly activities

You’ll never be bored at an assisted living community. Each month you’ll find a calendar of events that you can choose from. There is something of interest for everyone, depending on your preferences or mood.

  1. Opportunities to meet and make new friends

It will never be easier to meet new people and form strong friendships than it is in an assisted living community. And it happens naturally, without any awkwardness. You’ll find endless opportunities with all the activities, amenities, social events and common areas.

  1. Scheduled transportation

Have you worried how you’ll get around if you decide to stop driving? That’s taken care of as well at an assisted living community. You’ll find transportation to medical appointments, shopping or entertainment options.

Life at Tapestry Assisted Living communities

If you’re single, you may have considered what you will do if you need assistance or some type of daily care in the future. If so, assisted living can be the perfect solution.

You’ll discover that community and quality of life go hand-in-hand. You’ll be able to continue having a fulfilling life but with the added comfort and security of knowing that help is always there.

A Tapestry assisted living community provides many opportunities to live an active and engaged life with the benefits that support aging well, including:

  • A private residence and support for an independent lifestyle
  • Eating healthy and staying in shape is easy with our chef-inspired meals and fitness center.
  • A wide variety of activity choices to challenge your mind – or just to have fun.
  • Making and meeting new friends at our social events and common areas

We understand that choosing the right community is an important decision. As you prepare for your future, we’re here to answer any questions that you may have.

If you would like more information about a possible move to senior living, we invite you to download our free guide and resource on how to decide between home and senior living, Should You Stay or Should You Go?

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a personal tour, please contact one of our advisors at a community near you.