Are you exploring all that retirement life has to offer? If so, you may be considering how best to support the lifestyle that you’ve been looking forward to. Choosing how to spend your time is likely at the top of the list and is a well-deserved gift.

While working or raising children, having time to call your own may have seemed illusive. But retirees often celebrate having the opportunity to take up a left-behind hobby or to rediscover a passion they once had.

More than a few, however, may be unsure which activities might result in feelings of zeal. You may be wondering if you’d like to rediscover an old passion or begin looking for a new one.

If you’re defining your retirement path toward aging well, the following tips may help you successfully with your search.

What is a passion?

When you feel passionate about something, you experience a depth of feeling that goes beyond just enthusiasm. People often describe the sensation as losing a sense of time and place when they are engaged with their passion.

A few examples may include:

  • Painting, sculpting, or creative writing
  • Learning a new musical instrument
  • Helping care for abandoned animals
  • Visiting every major league baseball stadium in the U.S.
  • Providing companionship to the elderly who live alone
  • Helping elementary students learn to read
  • Volunteering at a homeless shelter

You may also be the object of your passion. Some retirees commit to finding ways to live their lives to the fullest – to aging well. They may dedicate a certain number of hours every week for getting in physical shape or exercising to better their mental health.

Others may decide to embark on an encore career and are determined to put their efforts where their passions can be expressed. Giving politics a try and running for a local office may be the focus for some. Becoming a kindergarten teacher might be another’s dream in order to fulfill a long-held passion to work with little ones.

Aging and rediscovering your passions

The journey of life can take us down many paths and along the way we may find we had to leave behind personal interests so we could concentrate on the more pressing tasks at hand. Growing older often returns the opportunity to finally have time to spend as you like.

If you’re interested in rediscovering your passions or creating new ones, consider these suggestions:

  1. Browse through a college course catalog

This can be a wonderful place to jumpstart your search if you’re feeling a little lost. You don’t need to sign up for a class, although that can also be a great idea. But look for any subjects that pique your interest and let your mind explore from there.

  1. Talk to your friends and family

If you’re having trouble zeroing in on what your interests are, ask those who know you best what they think. They will likely point out your frequent topics of conversations or areas that they’ve seen you become excited about.

  1. What do you do or think about the most?

Sometimes we don’t even realize how we like to spend our time. Look back on activities you choose, what television shows you watch or books you read. See if there is a pattern you can capture. This could be your starting point to define a passion.

  1. Don’t be afraid to experiment

Keep an open mind and don’t reject any initial ideas because you assume they’re not passion-worthy. Be willing to try different options and you might discover something about yourself that had remained unnoticed.

  1. Have the right attitude

It can help to view this process as an adventure instead of feeling pressured to pick the right passion. There are no wrong answers. Keeping a positive attitude can help open yourself up to new possibilities. Don’t give up. Keep searching.

Source: Forbes contributor Rob Pascale

How an independent living community can help

Retirement living can offer some of the best opportunities to age well. Where you live can make all the difference as it provides a supportive environment for you to discover and live your passions.

There are also features in an independent living community that can play an active role in your passions. Consider a few of the advantages you’ll find that contribute to creating an enriched life, such as:

  • Remaining meaningfully engaged
  • Making friends and sharing your life experiences
  • Participating in educational, informative and fun activities
  • Enjoying an active social life with others
  • Belonging to a larger community

You’ll find all of these benefits and more at an independent living community. Along with the easy and maintenance-free lifestyle, you’ll have even more time to spend on what brings you the most joy.

Life at Tapestry Senior Living communities

Finding or rediscovering your passions may greatly enhance the quality of your life. If you are beginning your search, we hope you find these tips helpful. We also encourage you to think how an independent living community could support your goals to age and live well while you surround yourself with others who are living life to the fullest.

If you’re considering whether senior living is the right answer for you or a loved one, we invite you to visit one of our communities, where we offer the following benefits – and more: 

  • Private residences and support for an independent lifestyle
  • The joy of maintenance-free living
  • Amenities and social events to help you quickly build meaningful relationships
  • Chef-inspired meals and fitness centers to make staying in shape easy
  • Wide choice of activities on-site to challenge your mind – or just to have fun

We understand that choosing the right community is an important decision and are here to answer any questions that you may have. If you would like more information on senior living, we invite you to download our complimentary guide, Just the Facts: Your Guide to Assisted Living, which can be a resource for families considering help for their loved ones.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a personal tour, please contact one of our advisors at a community near you.