Thanks to assisted living communities, retirees and adults over 60 are able to explore relationships, hobbies, and passions without having to maintain a household or employment. However, the benefits of staying in assisted living communities go beyond these factors. Knowing that your elderly family member is well-cared for and enjoying themselves is a great source of happiness and personal contentment. Here, we talk about how our loved ones can make the most out of assisted living. 

Community involvement

Because seniors tend to suffer from isolation, depression, and loneliness while living on their own, it’s important for them to become part of a vibrant and robust community to help them rediscover their passion in life. It also helps to create new connections with the people around them, providing a boost in self-confidence while supporting the feeling of belonging. Also, individuals who feel a bond with their community are likely to take part in events and activities. 

This is because friendship and a sense of community serves as a reminder that we’re not alone in the world. Furthermore, it reminds us that everyone has difficulties and struggles that we all need to overcome. When someone realizes that they’re part of a group that shares similar experiences to them, they’re able to set aside their feelings of isolation and embrace positive changes in their life. 

Fitness and nutrition opportunities

Assisted living communities often have programs for fitness, while also having menus that are approved by nutritionists. Inside assisted living communities, our loved ones are given access to some of the best workout areas and fitness equipment. Furthermore, seniors who want to maintain their active lifestyle can keep their daily routine inside assisted living communities that have the staff and equipment for their needs. 

Elderly individuals who maintain an active lifestyle are also known to get an increase in balance, energy, and strength. It has also been proven that regular exercise can delay or prevent certain diseases while maintaining and even improving mental health. Water aerobics and lap swimming are a great way to get fit without wearing out the body and are also enjoyable for seniors with arthritis or joint inflammation. 

More freedom and fun 

Seniors living in assisted living communities have the freedom to choose from a variety of activities such as: 

  • Cooking classes
  • Movies
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Pet therapy
  • Karaoke competitions
  • Art classes 
  • Dancing lessons
  • Exercise events 
  • Pool parties
  • Game nights
  • Field trips
  • Visiting choirs

Many communities offer activities like the ones listed above. When choosing the right community for your loved one, be sure to check the activities list for their favorites. While bingo is still a highly prevalent activity in assisted living communities, there are many more activities available for residents now than ever before.

For many seniors, assisted living can be the best option to take, especially if they want more freedom, to stay fit, and to get involved in a big community. The communities and opportunities made available through assisted living are so much easier compared to having to do it all alone. At Tapestry Senior Living, you can find out more about assisted living communities. To find out how your loved one can enjoy their senior years like never before, read our article on “A Family Guide to Funding Senior Care & Housing”.