There are plenty of reasons as to why people consider moving to an independent living community. The motivations range from looking for a more carefree lifestyle without the burdens of homeownership to a desire for an active lifestyle filled with opportunities for fitness, activities, and socialization. Like Tapestry Senior Living’s Enhanced Living communities, independent living communities offer a huge variety of benefits and services for seniors who all have different wants and desires. Here, we outline the five top reasons to move to an independent living community.

A Safe Environment

An independent living community can provide our loved ones with a safe, secure, and comfortable environment to keep living a life of high quality. It’s common for seniors to feel unsure about their safety, especially if they live on their own. As such, an independent living community tends to feel safer compared to living alone at home. Furthermore, caring and trained staff are readily available 24 hours a day in case of an emergency. 

Opportunities to Socialize

Being able to socialize with other older adults is a huge part of how people can continue to live their best life  in independent living communities. Having time to regularly socialize can lead to healthier emotional health. At communities like Tapestry’s Enhanced Living, they’ll be able to meet up with friends right away. In addition, independent living communities provide other forms of entertainment, such as community events. 

A Carefree Lifestyle

One of the biggest advantages of independent living is that there will always be staff to take care of the daily chores including housekeeping, laundry, and home maintenance. When they live alone at home, there’s no one who will take these responsibilities off of them. In an independent living community like Tapestry’s Enhanced Living however, there’s a friendly face whenever they may need it. And by spending less time on upkeep and other tasks, they have more free time to do what they love. 

Healthy and Delicious Meals 

Cooking can feel like a chore for many retirees.  It might even be more convenient and easier to just eat a frozen dinner, but this isn’t a healthy option at all. Living in an independent living community provides the ability to have delicious and healthy food combined with the convenience of having it served in the dining room. Tapestry’s Enhanced Living communities offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner served in one of our dining rooms. Snacks and beverages are always available in multiple locations throughout the community. 

Reliable Transportation

As we all know, our mobility declines as we age, which makes driving a bit intimidating. But rather than having to stress and worry about coordinating transportation or having to drive, they can get free transportation. Many independent living communities provide group transportation for their appointments or for shopping, as well as offer coordination of transportation for their needs outside of the regular outings. 

While it may be tempting to say that our loved ones will be fine living on their own, there’s nothing wrong with looking for an independent living community where they can thrive and enjoy a higher quality of life. Without having to constantly worry about their meals, safety, entertainment, socialization, and transportation, they’ll be able to live life to the fullest. At Tapestry Senior Living, you can find out more about independent living communities. To find out if your loved one can benefit from an independent assisted community, read our article on “A Family Guide to Funding Senior Care & Housing”.