Choosing the right senior living community for your loved ones can be an overwhelming decision. Just the sheer number of options available is enough to confuse us and put more pressure on the choice we make. While it may be hard, it’s not impossible—especially if you know exactly what to look for when visiting independent living communities. Here, we discuss the benefits of assisted living, along with the most essential features to keep in mind before making a commitment.


Where your loved ones live is very important. While choosing a community that is close by is a common choice some feel their best option is somewhere farther away. Either way, the right location is the key. There are also other things for you to consider such as: 

  • Is the community close enough to a place for family to stay  whenever they visit? 
  • How near it is to favorite places such as restaurants, malls, theaters, and parks. 
  • The proximity of the community to the nearest hospital, medical center, and other healthcare services.
  • If it offers unique opportunities for activities and experiences for enjoying the outdoors.

Levels of Service

Every senior has different needs, so they will need different levels of service. As such, try to look for a community that provides independent living, assisted living, personal care, at-home services, or skilled nursing care. There are even residences that offer memory care which is the most suitable option for older adults who are living with cognitive conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease. 


Another important aspect to consider when looking for an independent living community is whether or not it has accreditations. While neither state nor federal guidelines require licensed senior living communities to be accredited, only the ones that are will have demonstrated the ability to meet or exceed the needed level of care can qualify for accreditation. To ensure that your loved ones will get the quality care they deserve, it’s best to ask about their accreditation process. 

Rehabilitation and Skilled Care

There may be times when seniors need skilled nursing care or rehabilitation while in a residence. There are other cases when seniors are taken into a residence specifically for these services. Whichever the case, you will need to do research in advance to see what the available options are for your loved one, and to see whether access is available on or off the residence which will ensure the best living situation for them.

Access to Activities

Senior living communities provide our loved ones with plenty of activities, all of which are designed to provide them with enrichment, some of which are basic and others which are more extensive. Some communities even allow their residents to customize their activities, and many offer swimming pools and fitness facilities. Doing research into which residences offer activities is a great solution for seniors who wish to stay active. 

In the end, finding the right independent living community doesn’t have to be difficult, as long as you do research beforehand. Make sure to take into consideration everything that’s important for your senior family members, after all, the effort you’re putting into finding the best community will ensure they’re well cared for. At Tapestry Senior Living, you can find all that’s outlined in this post and more. To find out more about how we can serve your loved ones, read our article on “A Family Guide to Funding Senior Care & Housing”.