Safety and Technology


While we honor the past at Tapestry, we also look to the future. We work hard to seamlessly weave innovation and technology into the lives of our residents. The benefits for residents and families are clear… convenience, safety, and improved quality of life.


One of the most exciting new innovations we offer residents is the Silversphere Safety Alert Monitoring System. This system offers peace of mind to residents and their families.


  • Push button and pull cord emergency call stations.
  • Wearable wireless pendants can be worn either around the neck or discreetly on the wrist.
  • Staff Rounds Check feature validates and reports electronically without the need for checklists. Also, when a resident is not checked on the prescribed schedule, the caregiver is reminded with an automatic alert.
  • Incontinence Detection Silent Alert maintains the dignity of our residents.
  • Access control systems secure the Tapestry building and allow access only to authorized personnel.
  • If we are concerned about a resident getting out of bed, or otherwise moving during the night, our motion- based and pressure sensor-based features alerts caregivers to movement so they can ensure the resident remains safe.

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Tapestry Senior Living has a philosophy of person-centered care that impacts everything we do. Understanding that every resident is an individual who can best direct their care, we are only helpers and guides along your journey.